Do you know some copperheads?

By Dr. William Risley Sr.

Indiana Jones's famous movie remark was, "Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes!" Relax, we don't mean snakes. We call patients that have too much copper in their body "copperheads," and the best reason is that copper in excess in the body largely affects the brain. Too much copper has been implicated in schizophrenia. However, if you don't have that much, but still have more than you can handle, significant emotional turmoil is the first result. How do you know?

For women, if you have ever taken the birth control pill, its a sure bet you have an undesirable amount of copper in your system. Do you have PMS (females)? Males or females that have clinical depression, perhaps temper tantrums or excessive irritability commonly have excess copper Even dyslexia and anorexia have been associated with copper toxicity. Insomnia is a common symptom, since copper causes your brain to work overtime. Are you somewhat hyper or are your children diagnosed with ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder? Your mind may be running at 55 miles per hour, and your body can't keep up -thus you may be on the hyperactive side.

Anything that raises estrogen in the body, from the birth control pill to a copper IUD (intra-uterine device) to a simple pregnancy, also raises copper. If you have enough zinc in your diet, you can handle the overload, but zinc is so hard to get today. Copper is easy to get, including copper sulphate sprayed on your vegetables in the super market. Copper kills algae, molds, yeast and bacteria. That's why it's sprayed on vegetables. And of course we eat the vegetables. Toxic levels of copper (non-usable) hinder this bacteria/yeast killing function by your body, and candida yeast may develop.

Do you have copper water pipes? Water that is more acidic, such as artificially softened systems, can leach copper off of these pipes. We hope that you do not use copper pots and pans to cook with; copper clad stainless steel is ok, however. You may end up with red hair or an auburn sheen to your hair as an early sign of copper problems. The truth is that if you have no copper in your system, you will die or heart failure or perhaps a stroke. If you have a little too much, you may very well wish you were dead. Depression from minor to severe is a classic result, and it is easily fixed with the proper tools. The number one tool is a hair mineral analysis.

Patients depressed enough to be on Prozac as an adult or hyperactive enough to be on Ritalin as a child, commonly have copper toxicity problems. The drugs do not cure the problem, although it may provide significant, albeit temporary, first aid. It is the long-term problems with drug therapy that is of so much concern. If you think your child may be somewhat on the hyper side, you need to investigate the copper problem. If you as a parent are concerned for your emotional stability, you also need to be checked for copper problems. A hair mineral analysis is the best and cheapest solution. Hallucinations that sometimes result may cause you to think you are seeing snakes. "Why does it always have to be snakes!"